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Chapter 11 – Peace Through The Storm

Upon Alvis’ death, I found myself in an incredibly peaceful state of mind. It was as though I had received a tremendous dose of anesthesia for the pain. I recognized it to be supernatural.

The Lord took away my ability to remember any of the sordid and painful events of the last three and one-half years. I was truly in a place I could not even believe because I had loved my husband with all my heart. So began the healing and the times of seeking the Lord for what had just happened.

I read and re-read my prophecies that I had received since 1980, trying to understand what my life was all about and where God was taking me. The Lord spoke to my heart and told me that all would happen even as he had told me years before (the early 1980’s) and that I would be single no longer than two years.

I would like to share the following prophecy given by a minister who did not know me nor know of anything about my life to build your faith in trusting the Lord no matter what adverse circumstances you find yourself in. Do not give up—never, ever give up!

Word Given In August of 1987

“I hear the Lord saying, ‘I’m making you one that is going to stand and make up the breeches, stand in the gap and make up the hedges.’ And God said now the time is coming in upon you that you shall not be one that always desires but never receives, but His blessing shall make rich and shall add no sorrow to it. For the Lord thy God shall put one that shall stand next to you that shall carry a mantle like unto Elijah; and yea his word shall be like fire, and his word shall be with power, and his word shall be with great glory. And yea even thee, my daughter, shall stand with him in a realm of ministry, and you shall go forth and do exploits in this last day.

“But I declare unto thee, I’ve known what has been in your heart, yea even this week thou has been wearied in the wait, but I say be well in doing, for thou shall reap in due season if thou faintest not; and it is about to come upon thee like a flood. It is about to overtake thee, My daughter. It is about to be presented before thee in such a way that thou shall know that the Lord, yea He is good and His mercy endureth forever. But the Lord hath not forgotten thee, but He has remembered thee all the days of thy life—all the years that you have walked even by yourself.

“’I, the Lord, am now going to add to thee, and the years that I have set before thee now shall not be as the years that you have come through, but a whole change of life shall come upon thee—a whole new walk of life shall be presented and come in. I shall cause thee to have to learn how to walk in a new way and to understand in a new way and to see things in a new way and to hear things in a new way’. I, the Lord, say, ‘You shall be as one that comes out of the wilderness and steps into the realm of the garden. For she has known just the rocks, she has known just the serpents, she has known just the heat of the day and the fire of the sand that has been beneath her feet. Now she shall begin to smell the roses, and she shall begin to feel the cool wind blow through the trees and the soft rain fall down upon her forehead. Yea, this shall give thee that knowledge and understanding that the Lord hath done His will, and the Lord hath performed His mighty word upon thy life.’

“Now all of the times I’ve ever heard you get a word (the minister was speaking his own word to me), it was a very powerful, anointed word that the Lord had given you. Hold fast the confidence of your faith, lean not on your own understanding, look not to the left or to the right. I hear the Lord say in the Spirit, ‘Look unto Jesus because He is about to bring you forth with great glory and great victory.’ And the very desires of your heart shall blossom before you—everything that you touch will turn to gold, and many shall look at you and wonder why this one. But God said it is because you have kept your heart right, and you’ve been faithful all of these years when there has been lack and limitation and no blessing to lay hold to in your life. Now God is going to bring in the blessing, and it is going to come forth, and His anointing is going to increase upon your life. I see you in the spirit crying tears unto the Lord. Every tear that has been cried, God is bottling, and He is remembering them and putting them in a bottle of remembrance that as He looks upon it, He says, ‘These tears shall never be anymore upon this one—but great joy shall be seen upon her countenance, in Jesus’ name.’”

I would like to say that oftentimes God will give you a word when He knows that what you are going to have to go through will be very hard and will bring much confusion. In my case, it brought much comfort after Alvis’ death because I knew this word was yet to be revealed.

Alvis passed away in August 1996, and as I mentioned earlier, six weeks later I found myself having to wind down our business.  Trudy, Barbara (the other staff member) and I had some “Hallelujah” times at the business, as we shared continually about the goodness of our God.

One day I received a call from a very close friend who wanted to know if I had any desire in talking to a man involved in ministry who lived in Minnesota. Alvis had been gone eight months, and I thought it might be nice to fellowship with someone who knew and loved the Lord. I told her to give this man my number.