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Chapter 12 – The Call From Minnesota

So, on April 21, David Magiera called me. This day seemed to have special significance to my spirit, as it was Passover.

On Passover in April 1996, my husband had his last surgery, and the terrible prognosis was then given that he only had a few months to live. I wanted to believe this surgery would end in victory, but after he had been in surgery for three hours, the surgeon appeared to inform his family that there were too many tumors to remove; many were now in the liver. I remember thinking that Passover was special, as the death angel passed over all the Israelites on that day; however, in looking back, perhaps it was because I was to be introduced on the following Passover to the one God had foretold me of many years in advance of this special day.

David and I shared much in this first conversation — all about our love for the Lord — and with great excitement, we shared prophecies given to us. It was interesting that we both had so many and even had them typed after transcribing them from tapes.

Well it was a nice conversation, but quite honestly, I didn’t think we would be talking anymore. A thousand miles apart is hardly an adequate distance to try to develop a romantic relationship even if it was of God. I could see no way to proceed. I knew I wasn’t moving anywhere, and what would be the chance of a man moving? Perhaps at best, we could have dinner if he ever made it into town — right.

So another call came from this man. I listened and thought how interesting. Why is he bothering? But I loved the things he was saying; his love for the Lord was so thrilling to my heart.