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Chapter 13 – Lord, Who Is This Man?

I gave our conversations some thought, but my natural mind would not allow me to take them any further. However, after several more conversations and more of our prophetic words being shared, I thought it to be wise to seek the Lord about this man.

On May 11, 1997, as I sat quietly in my room with my eyes closed, I said, “Lord, who is this man to me? Speak to me from Your Word.” In my heart, I heard Psalm 19:5. Quickly turning there, I read,“ …which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chambers, rejoicing to run his race.” I didn’t know much about David at this point, but I did know that his ministerial calling was to prepare the bride for the “Bridegroom,” Jesus.

In all of the Scriptures, nothing could have leaped off the page as this one. I was startled at such a revelation, and my heart leaped for joy. David had told me that he knew in his spirit that he had to have his bride before his ministry could proceed. This was confirmation to me because I had been told by the Lord this same thing in the early 1980’s. But we continued our conversations with caution, wanting to make sure this was not deception.

May turned into June with our phone visits lasting longer and longer. We came to know each other well in the spirit, and we both felt great anticipation and excitement about our first physical meeting.

It was determined that he would come to Dallas July 3, 1997. The big day was finally to arrive. The day before I thought perhaps I might have our mutual friend meet him at the gate while I hid and checked out this new arrival, or perhaps she should pick him up and I would come to their house for dinner or perhaps I could hide at the airport and jump out when he least expected it or… I finally decided I would meet him with a large sign that read, “Hi, David. I’m Sheila.” It had a big smiley face on it, and I was carrying an artificial flower he had sent me in the mail. He was such a romanticist, and I was later to learn that he was everything in character and spirit I had asked the Lord for years before. (I had made a long list of qualities I wanted in a man and his being a romanticist was high on the list.)

Upon arriving at the airport, I found myself a spot to stand where I would be sure to see him before he saw me so I could prepare myself for the shock. I was quite sure I would recognize him from his pictures. People began to exit from the plane as my nervousness peaked. Soon I would see his face—what would we both think? Lord, what are you thinking?

I finally saw him. He was tall, cute, sweet looking and self-assured. He looked ten years younger than his pictures—almost a little boyish—and he certainly acted the part. With a big smile on my face, I waited for him to see my sign. He started scanning the crowd from one side of the room to the other where I was standing. I expected him to smile when he saw my face. I guess anyone would expect that, right? But he didn’t; he put his piece of luggage down and just stopped and stared—he never saw my sign. I proceeded toward him and decided I should hug him or something. We had a glorious time talking and laughing all the way to the car. We spent the rest of the day meeting my friends, going to a spiritual meeting and finishing the day at dinner with Anna and her husband, the lady who had introduced us.

David set up his office in the suite that was leased for my business. We spent the next 17 months getting to know one another, as I continued to seek the Lord to make sure there was no deception. It became obvious that God had linked our lives together. I was excited in my spirit about finally being able to get involved in ministry, as that had been my deepest desire since 1980.

I could see that as my business began to require less of my time that I was able to devote more time to helping David. I waited—“Lord, don’t let me miss You.” Because of my fears and what I believe was God’s perfect timing (David might tell you differently), we finally married December 12, 1998. I sought the Lord for many confirmations and received them. I would like to mention these so that they might build your faith:

May 11, 1997

This day I received my first confirmation. David and I had been talking around two weeks, and I decided it was time to seek the Lord on who this man was to me—particularly since he was beginning to allude to the fact that God was showing him something about me.

I prayed and asked God to give me a Scripture in my heart who this man was. I was extremely shocked to receive Psalm 19:5, “which is like a bridegroom coming forth from his chamber, like a champion rejoicing to run his race.”

You have to understand that I did not know this Scripture even existed, and certainly no Scripture in the entire Bible could have more clearly told me about David, as he continually shared how his calling had to do with a message on preparing the bride for the Bridegroom. It also spoke to me about our relationship, as David said that he had to have the wife God had chosen in order for him to begin his ministry. David had also sent me a sculpture he called “One Flesh.” It was inscribed with the words, “My precious gift, my beloved promise, my chosen one.” The sculpture symbolizes everything he believes God promises for marriage. His whole ministry revolves around the supernatural union of Christ with His bride and the natural union of the man and woman, so how appropriate that I received a Scripture about his coming forth “as a bridegroom rejoicing to run his race.” I kept this in my heart.

October 30, 1997

It was now three months from the time he arrived. I’m still seeking the Lord to make sure there is no deception. Once again in my bedroom, I asked, “Lord, please tell me again who this man is to me.” You have to understand that I do not usually remember where Scripture verses are. I’m pretty good with being able to quote some, but to tell you where they are is next to impossible unless I have really purposed to remember them. So once again, I got Psalm 19:5. In my mind I thought the first time I received this word, it was somewhere in Isaiah, so the shock to receive this a second time was quite thrilling if not frightening. You see I was not quite ready for marriage. I thought I needed more time for healing from my first husband’s death and just felt there would be a better time for David and me. I did not share this with David because he was convinced time was passing us by. So again, I pondered this in my heart.

July 18, 1998

It has now been a year since David arrived. David is becoming discouraged, and I’m still seeking God. I quit asking God, “Lord, who is this man?” And I finally asked Him clearly, “Jesus, is this man to be my husband?” With my eyes closed, I waited for a Scripture and received Matthew 19:5. With excitement, I turned to this Scripture, and then I almost fainted, as the Scripture read, “… ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’”

You would probably think, “Well, I guess you moved on it then, right?” Wrong. After collecting my run-away emotions, I “kept it in my heart,” as months rolled by and David became more and more discouraged.

October 10, 1998

My close friend Trudy and I left for Ruidoso, New Mexico, to stay in her father’s cabin for a few days. I needed to get away, and I was beginning to feel that God was speaking to me concerning my marriage to David.

One morning during our devotional time together, Trudy shared two different daily devotionals, and they both said the same thing to me in so many words—“You will not receive further revelation until you obey what you know, and also you cannot use your intellect to think your way clear; clarity only comes with obedience.” Trudy and I just looked at each other. She had been my sounding board all of this time, and we both bore witness that the Lord was speaking to me about this, as I was continually trying to work it out with my mind—to make every piece of the puzzle fit exactly. I was wearing myself out.

December 7, 1998

I have decided it’s time to get married, and I’m dropping all of these hints to David. David has become somewhat aloof and not very responsive, so I take it to the Lord. I said, “Lord, David is going to schedule his trip to Minnesota to see his children and family for Christmas. If You want me to go, please move on his heart to ask me. Also, wouldn’t it be better if we were married before we left if I am to go?”

I could tell from David’s reactions that he had no intent of asking me to go, so I plotted with Trudy to see if she might drop a hint. We both decided that I was in the flesh and I needed to put it back in the Lord’s hands. So I did. I was quite shocked when he came out of his office around the first of December and asked me to go.

I quickly went to Trudy’s office and asked her if she had said anything. She said, “no.” I said, “Thank you, Lord.”

As the days passed and no mention of marriage, I knew we were running out of time, so I figured God didn’t want our marriage at that time before we left. I would just stay in a hotel, and he would stay with his parents.

On December 7 (we were to leave for our trip on December 18), two ministers walked into our office to buy one of David’s tapes. David was not there, so I visited with the gentlemen, and then David arrived.

Prophetic words began to flow from the ministers in reference to our ministries and our relationship. The long and short is that before they left, we had determined to get our marriage license the next day. We married December 12 and left six days later for our trip as husband and wife. I had wanted to be married on a weekend, and that was the last weekend before our trip. The timing of the Lord is “painfully perfect,” as David always says.