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Chapter 2 – Married To The Wrong Person?

Now I would like to address the issue of drifting marriages—marriage relationships where there appears to be no hope. You might be one feeling that you missed God’s perfect plan for you; and now you’re married to the wrong one, and you’re stuck with no light appearing at the end of the tunnel. My friend, there is hope. As long as you are breathing and you learn the power of prayer, there is hope! But we must never, never give up. Our prayer must always be, “Lord, I know I’ve made many mistakes, but I want Your perfect will for my life. I don’t know what to do or how to arrive in this place with You, but I ask you to bring about the circumstances or whatever it takes so I might obtain Your perfect will.” I tell you I don’t believe it is ever too late as long as you are alive.

You see God knew before He created you what you would do with your life and every prayer that you would ever utter. So if He knew all of this and eventually that you would pray this prayer, couldn’t He have put in place all of the answers just waiting for your prayers so that the answers could be implemented? I believe so, as I have watched it happen in my own life when I have felt I had gone too far and gotten so out of His will that it was not His fault that I should fail, but it was my own because of wrong choices.

Our Father is always steps ahead of the enemy, for the Lord said, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son….” (Romans 8:28-29) I learned that God is not looking for your perfection. He knows that is impossible, but He is looking at your heart. In all the times I have missed God and known that I should have to pay the price for my sins, I have found Him to be so merciful. As I have gone before Him and repented and asked for His help to ensure that I would have His perfect will, He has continually worked on my behalf. And so will He work on yours! We cannot sin to such a degree that if we truly repent God will not be there with open arms of forgiveness and help us in our great need. I would like to share the following prophecy given to me in October 1988 while I was in the depths of despair when I felt I had made too many mistakes and could never have God’s perfect will because of these mistakes. My future seemed bleak and without hope:

“Thou shalt not be perturbed because of past happenings, past events. Thou shalt look beyond that that was, and thou shalt behold that that is, and in beholding that that is, you shall come to appreciate that that shall be. These are mysteries; these are mysteries, saith the Lord—mystery upon mystery and wonder upon wonder. Thou art My child, and thou are becoming My child. Fear not, for I am moving in your heart, moving in your life, developing you, maturing you. I have ordained good things for you. Be not afraid. Do not be afraid.

“There has been the fear of making a mistake. Don’t be afraid. Trust Me. Lean hard upon Me, saith the Lord. Lean hard upon Me. Let My understanding become your understanding. Let My thoughts become your thoughts. The future is good and not bad. Be not afraid of it. Embrace it; embrace it; embrace the future. I will lead thee into a new, a rich and a living way—a way that shall bring blessing to your heart and to your life. Be not afraid as to the measure of service ordained for thee, for thou shalt go far and wide and be a blessing to My people. Yea, I have put this in your heart. I will bring it to pass. None can stay it nor stop it.

“There is no measure unto the way in which I will use you and all those who lean hard upon Me, surrendering their all to My righteous cause. Yea, saith God, signs, wonders and miracles shall become the order of the day, but I desire more than that. I desire that you be like Me. I desire that you be with Me. It is the desire of My heart that we be as one even as I am one with My Father. In that day when you know that demons are subject unto you in My Name, rejoice not in that, but rejoice in the relationship that exists between Me and thee. Rejoice rather that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. For I am calling My people unto Me, not just into the field to labor and work, for it is in that sense that there are many laborers, but where are the worshippers? Where are those who will minister unto Me. And I am ordaining thee unto this. There shall be no end to the measure of the anointing that is within thee as you yield to Me, saith the Lord.”

You will note how many times the Lord told me not to fear. I was in great fear at the time. I was about to marry someone other than Alvis (the man God had appointed). I knew it was not the Lord’s will, but I found myself unable to break the engagement. (This man was and is a godly man and a minister of the gospel; we are today the greatest of friends. My purpose in pointing this out is to indicate that the Lord appoints us our mates to complement His particular call for each of us and to complement the special, unique gifts He has given us. Again, we don’t want His “permissive” will but His “perfect” will.) After this prophecy, God sent another one to tell me the following: “It is as a checkerboard game. You make the first move, and I will make the next.” I recognized that all I needed to do was ask the Lord to open the door for me to be able to make the first move. He did open the door, and we did realize that it was not God’s will that we marry.

Throughout my dating years, God sprang all the traps the enemy set for me, and I believe it was only because I had a heart for God’s will and His will only, for which I continually prayed. This is what I mean by the fact that God is looking at our hearts. Keep your heart pure in your desire for His will, and nothing can stop it. What is a pure heart? A pure heart is one that remains unchanged, or it is a heart that is steadfastly fixed on the Lord. In other words, you don’t love Him and walk with Him one day and the next day forget who He is.