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David & Sheila Magiera

     There was no altar call, just a broken man praying to God on his knees in his home, surrendering his life to Jesus while the love of Jesus poured into his empty heart. It was absolutely indescribable! In that moment, Jesus came into me and filled me with His Spirit. It was the most incredible feeling of peace and joy that anyone could possibly experience. And His overflowing presence consumed me for nearly six months! Only later did I learn that I had been “born again” and filled with the Holy Spirit.

All that God has given can also be seen at: Facebook.com/HarvestTruth  

     Over the next forty years, the intimate communications, revelations and artistic inspirations would begin to manifest. In this anointed atmosphere I found true intimacy with my Maker, the Father of Creation, the Giver of Eternal Life, the intimacy I was created for.

     The Elijah Quiz, Bridal Path, Harvest Jewels, Waiting On God and We Shall Rise are founded on the wonderful name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. It is founded on His Word, the Holy Bible, and the promises given to those who love and obey Him. It is founded on the reality of being “born again” and “filled with the Spirit”! There is no other reality that surpasses the presence and intimacy of the Lord — our Creator!

     In 1998, Magiera started Dove Homes of Texas. He designed and built new homes for the next 6 years. Shortly after, He created the Flaming Skewers and sold it to Holland America Cruise Line. In 2012, Magiera invented and patented a product called ArmoredCloset. It was the first modular, all-steel tornado shelter/saferoom that could be installed inside any existing home. The patented safe room remains in business to this day. David can be reached at 214-938-6777 and at his business website … www.ArmoredCloset.com

     In 2018, at the age of 72, Magiera was compelled by the Lord to create several works of sculpture illustrating the Old and New Testament. The work shown below is called “Satan’s Fall.” It is a Biblical illustration of Revelation 12: 3-11 (KJV).

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