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The Wedding of the Lamb Worship Song to be Newly Recorded and Released in June 2016

Bride of Christ Ministries founders David and Sheila Magiera are overjoyed to share with our readers that they will soon be able to hear a new version of ‘The Wedding of the Lamb.’

The Wedding of the Lamb, the Song of the Bride, is a divine worship song about the Rapture.  It will soon be re-released in an all new recording for today’s church.

The history of this song began on May 24, 1998, while singing “in the Spirit” and worshiping the Lord, a melody, chorus and the first of 40 lines of lyrics (all arriving in rhyme) began to flow into David’s mind.  The song quickly took shape and within months, musical talent had stepped forward to record what would be enjoyed, sang and meditated on for almost 20 years — the Song of the Bride — the Wedding of the Lamb.


Visitors of our site have noticed that while the imagery on our site has changed over time, new messages have been added, and new our community has grown – the Wedding of the Lamb song has always been a cornerstone and a reason that people have come back countless times.

We cannot wait to reintroduce the song in a way that you have never heard before!